About our Sponsors

Ed & Rebekah Wiens of Worldwide Wellness

From their home and office in downtown Fayetteville, you will not find bigger supporters of Fayetteville and our cultural arts community than Ed & Rebekah Wiens. We are proud to have them as major sponsors of the Fayetteville Dinner Theatre. Both Ed & Rebekah serve as global network of associates, promoting what many health professionals and scientific researchers are calling, “The greatest health science, anti-aging and athletic breakthrough of our lifetime!”

Ed’s background in the non-profit world along with his nearly 30-year career as a network marketing professional, combined nicely with Rebekah’s career as a nurse, resulting a duo well-equipped to educate others about their products as well as recruit, train and inspire those who join the business side of their enterprise.  Though their business interests, missions ventures and humanitarian projects take them to all parts of the globe, they are always happy to return to their home in Fayetteville, Rebekah’s birthplace (Pine Forest class of ‘77).  Following their marriage 10 years ago, Ed relocated from the Pacific Northwest. Between them, they have 8 children and 16 grandchildren, spread from east to west across the US.

As the vibrancy of life in Fayetteville continues to be enhanced, the Wiens enjoy being in the middle of it all. In addition to their church life, they frequent the many eateries in downtown, cheer on the Woodpeckers baseball team and look forward to expanding their involvements in volunteerism, a meaningful part of life for both Ed and Rebekah.

“It’s our privilege to provide sponsorship to cultural arts programs such as the Fayetteville Dinner Theater. Quality entertainment is a vital part of the ‘wellness’ of every community. Our company, Worldwide Wellness, is committed to being a force for good in the world and bettering people’s lives. For us, that starts at home – right here in Fayetteville.”